Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tsu got laid off today.

*deep breath*

We have activated our plan of action that we discussed "in case". We will be ok for quite a while. Our credit will be in a rough state but we should be able to keep the house paid for and such for quite a while. But we have a plan, and we will be ok.

However, I feel it is only responsible to find new homes for the two mini horses. This way I can be sure and take proper care of Brego even with a lower income.

Obviously I will be casting my job hunt net a bit wider than i was before, and Tsu will be hunting right along side me now, lol.

I am convinced that this is a blessing in disguise. That job was killing him one day at a time. This is scary but I firmly believe in the long run it will be for the best.

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  1. Sorry this happened, but at least you two have planned and have an idea of what to do. I wish I could help with Mary and Sparrow, but you know my situation...

    Chin up and such!