Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Big ol' batch o' beans...

It's a miserably rainy cold day for end of May. So I decided this would be the perfect time to cook up a huge batch of beans to freeze up to eat over the next several months. I had one HUGE bag of pinto beans and two small bags of black beans. I pulled out my stock pot and realized it was TOO SMALL. So I pulled out the big canning pot and filled it with my beans and a couple of chopped up onions.

Looks pretty gross at this point, lol.


After cooking for a few hours I added my last two cans each of venison stock and shredded venison, some chili spice, and several cans of store bought tomato stuff. Two of fire roasted tomatoes, two of tex-mex tomato mix, some tomato sauce. Now I just need to cook it down for several more hours.

Looking better!


I'll be packing it all into those Hefty containers and freezing it in single serving size packages.

The soap is looking better, the coffee soap is losing it's gross odd colour and turning a nice light brown with dark flecks. Both soaps are losing the lye smell and starting to smell good.


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