Sunday, May 22, 2011

Well, I'm still here, how about you?

Yesterday we celebrated the pending apocalypse by having Tiff's boyfriend and one of their friends come over to hang out and set things on fire and eat pizza. So, either the predictions were wrong, or neither I nor any of my friends or family were among the chosen. Which I have a hard time believing. Not so much about myself (*chuckle*), but about several of my family members. I have no doubt that a bunch of them would be out of here, hehe.

I'd just like to mention once, for the record:

Jesus's (that looks wrong, IR fail at grammmmar and punctiations) words in the Bible make it clear that no one can know the date or time of the rapture. NO ONE! No one needs an advanced degree in biblical studies to interpret these verses. You just need to be able to read for comprehension. Of course if you don't believe in the Bible none of this matters, and if you DO then you should know better than to listen to goofballs like this guy.

In Matthew 25:13 Jesus said, “For you do not know the day or hour of my return.”

In Mark 13:32 Jesus said, “However, no one knows the day or hour when these things will happen, not even the angels in heaven or the Son himself. Only the Father knows.” (NLT)

In Matthew 24:3 Jesus’ disciples came to him and asked about the end times. He begins a lengthy answer with “Don’t let anyone mislead you.” (NLT)

So, um, not to make light of people's beliefs but.... the one time I can be absolutely SURE the rapture is NOT going to happen is at the moment when someone like this guys says it IS going to happen.

I've said it before, I will say it again.... THE WORLD IS FULL OF CRAZY PEOPLE!

To be honest, I don't feel sorry for the people who fell for this garbage. I DO feel sorry for the families and children of these people. I read a story about a family where the parents spent their three kid's college funds to pay for billboards. Ugh. Someone needs to kick those parents in the butt. Those poor kids.


  1. We're still here and I saw our neighbor. So we weren't among the chosen, either.
    I so agree with your concern for the children and families of some folks who take things a little too far. We've run into a few very strong willed folks who tried to push their beliefs on everyone else, very loudly, very brashly and very obnoxiously. I really worried about how their kids would grow up with such domineering parent(s).

  2. I asked my hubby this morning "Since all of humanity is still on this Earth does this mean that we are all going to Hell?"

    His reply, "In a hand basket."


  3. I do feel for those drawn in. But misleading advertising is everywhere. Buyer, beware!