Friday, May 27, 2011

I think I may be nesting.


I've been feeling restless and impatient. I think part of it is a reaction to Tsu still being out of work, waiting for the first unemployment check to arrive after the severance package running out. Part of it is the weather preventing putting in my garden. Part of it is we live in a tiny house, and we are all pack rats, and I am sick to death of having so much STUFF make me feel so dang CROWDED. The more I do around here, craft and food wise, the more room I need and the more I get sick of the clutter.

At any rate, I've been on a rampage. I think I am making Tsu crazy. I'm pretty sure he can't find ANYTHING, which makes him pretty crabby. It's a big part of the mental hang up I have had about just plain reorganizing the house.... because it makes him crabby. Add that to the fact that I just plain hate this kind of busy work and it has made it hard to get started. But I got a huge case of the "I don't give a crap if it makes people crabby"s, lol.

Yesterday's big project was the kitchen counter and the cupboard under the sink. It's interesting how getting rid of the electric coffee pot has opened up the counter top. I have brought out the old dish drainer so i can put my milking items there to dry after washing them, rather than run them through the dishwasher every day, twice a day. I refuse to stop using my dish washer. I will hand wash my laundry and dry it on the line, make my own cheese and soap, and i am even thinking of trying to put together a hand baler to bale up some of my own hay (stop laughing, lol) but washing dishes? Until the apocalypse hits I'm using my dishwasher!

So hopefully we can get my hand-me-down counter and cupboards put in soon. It won't happen this weekend because they are having the big Memorial Day shoot at the gun club and Tsu is working the shoot, but we have the 2x4s for putting in the new wall so we can get started on that soon. Then I can get all my pots and pans off the folding table in the front room and into actual cupboards!! then I can finish the front room. The living room is about 80% done, I think we are going to entirely rearrange it once the new wall between the kitchen and living room is in.

Next project even before the wall and cupboards: clotheslines. I already have my lines and clothes pins, hehe. Who woulda thought some day i would be excited about clothes lines? *falls over laughing*


  1. Hahahaha -- Girl I want your simple life! I'm going to confirm my trip to Lavonia this weekend some time - so if there is no snow or slop how you feel about riding your horse morning of June 12?

  2. I may not be home that weekend. lol. Wouldn't you know it. I keep saying I need to fill you in on everything going on here, so i swear as soon as I finish milking I will send you a message on facebook.