Thursday, January 15, 2009

If there was a market for hacked up hairballs.....

... I would already have my horse.

Seriously, can someone remind me why I have cats? Oh, yeah, because I love them and they are awesome. Except for whole hacking up slimy wads of hair and cat food.

You know, I used to hate cats. OK, hate is a stronger word that is accurate, perhaps. I liked them just fine as long as they stayed out in the barn where they belonged. Not in my house licking their butts, climbing on my counters and crapping in a box of dirt then looking at me as if I were derelict in duties if I don't clean the turds out immediately upon their completion.

yes, I know. Everyone always told me, "But cats are such clean animals!"

Of COURSE they are, if you consider an animal covered in it's own saliva who plays in a dirt filled box of it's own waste to be CLEAN. And that was before I even knew about the whole HAIRBALL thing. And the "leaving disemboweled rodents by the bed so you step in them first thing in the morning" thing.

So, how did someone who viewed cats as a somewhat annoying and distasteful rodent control option... someone who considered cats stuck up, nasty, smelly, filthy, dangerous killing machines.... someone who thought cats were great as long as they belonged to someone else and left her alone... how did this person end up not only with a total of 9 cats of her own but also doing CAT RESCUE?

Well... I will answer that question tomorrow.

Right now, I have some dancing to do.

Tune in tomorrow for the story of how I became a CAT PERSON as well as the answers to the questions I have received in my first weekly Friday edition of Ask Pony!!!!

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