Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Negative. I Am A Meat Popsicle.

The farrier just left. Dear heavens! It is COLD out there. I rode Sparrow a bit while I waited for her to get here, but not much. My ugly snow suit kept most of me toasty warm but my nose and my toes are ice! ICE!

I honestly didn't realize how cold my toes were until they started to warm back up. PAIN!

I'm sooo glad I found my farrier when I did. She is a real gem. I had a horrible time keeping a hoof trimmer back in the day and when I found her I was delighted. She kept Jamie comfortable for the last two years of his life and she sold me my Mary-mare.

Before the hoof trimming appointment today I made curtains for the hallway window out of old black jeans, haha! They look ridiculous, honestly, but they keep the hall a lot warmer. They pretty much block all of the cold air that comes in off of that window. The hallway sure is dark now, though.

I feel good about it, you know, recycling. It's good for the environment, right? Or maybe it is just that I am too darn cheap, haha!

I kept a fire going in the fire place all morning. It took the chill off of the front half of the house. I kicked the fan on and put another fan aiming into the rest of the house. I just wish the fire place was in the living room instead of the front room. I'd have a fire going from October until April if it was.


The cold made me tired. And I have laundry and dishes to finish. Bed to make. patterns for new crafts to make now that I have a work space in the front room. Research to do. I got to sew my weird curtains next to the fire place. It was kind of nice. It made me feel all domestic. It made me wish I had an apron to wear around the house.


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  1. Pony girl! You should post some of this reduce, reuse, recycle type stuff over on my board! I like it!