Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So... The Horse Saga Continues....

I needed to take a day or so to calm down before I posted this, because yesterday I was bouncing between "giddy with delight" and "scared to death and getting an ulcer".

We got news about the bonus. The news was almost a full month earlier than usual.

We ARE getting one. It is smaller than expected but still "enough" to get me close to my horse. Bad thing is it is entirely in stock. Why would they do that? With the market the way it is? Seriously? So while the amount they are giving us is "enough" that doesn't mean when we sell it that we will get enough out of it.

Tsu is what I call "cautiously optimistic". Like, "We might get enough but don't count your chickens before they hatch!" kind of thing.

No word on when we will get the stocks.

On the one hand I want to dance with joy because it really looks like Brego will be mine. On the other hand... it's still so up in the darn air!! Who even knows how much we will get for that stock? *sigh*

So I filled Marsha in on the news, and she replied that she is keeping her fingers crossed and he is waiting for me. She is such a sweety. I can't say enough good things about how patient she has been, even if she DID torture me with that baby picture of him. lol.

I think part of the reason I decided to take up knitting was to distract myself. It's not working, really. But at least I am picking up a new skill.

On a related note... I have an almost brand new horse blanket out in the barn that I have been using for a saddle cover. I got it in a trade for Jamie's harness last year even though I knew I had nothing it would fit (I wanted Jamie's harness to have a good home) and I am wondering if it will fit Brego. I should measure it and see if Marsha would mind measuring Brego so I can see. Not that he should need a blanket but it will be nice to know if it will fit him or not.

GAH!!!! This waiting is driving me crazy (er)!!!

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