Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another new hobby maybe? And the taxes are done.

Yes, the taxes are done, and we didn't get as much back as I had hoped. BOOO! But the good news is we don't have to pay in! Even better news is that Tsu got an email saying there is a meeting TUESDAY about last years income for the company or whatever... this is the meeting they usually have in March about the chances for and possible amount of the bonus! This is the big one, folks. My stomach is killing me just thinking about it.

Anyway, enough of that junk. Last night after the taxes were done and we had dinner we swung into WalMart so Karen could do some shopping. I had a few things I wanted to look for, and surprisingly I found 2 out of 3 things I wanted! The first was some coins to put on my belly dance outfit, lol. The second was a cheap "learn how to knit" kit. I found both of those. The third was some sort of product to even out my blotchy skin tone on my face. THAT I had less luck with. Anyhooooo.... I got home with my "I Taught Myself To Knit Kit", dug out an old skein of yarn to practice on and proceeded to make myself want to jab my eyes out with my brand new size 8 knitting needles.

20 minutes and a blinding head ache later something clicked and VIOLE!!!


OK, I have to be careful not to over due it because I am using muscles i haven't used in years... it didn't make my hands hurt but my wrists are a tad stiff this morning. So I need to be careful and build up for this. BUT I think it will be great therapy for my hands as long as I don't over due it. And I always wanted to learn how to knit but my brain could never wrap itself around the concept (kind of like playing card games, I suck at learning that too).

Maybe I should change my name to "Crafty Pony".

Oh, back on the subject of taxes... I asked about my craft sales and got info on what kind of record keeping I need to do and such. So now I know what I need to do to be legal, yay!!!! And also... if I have a designated "Home Office" I can claim certain things on my taxes because of that. So with a few small changes my front room is now going to be my home office. I already keep almost all of my supplies in there, it also has a desk and computer in there. So I am glad I asked about that!

OK, I need to get going. Busy day today, and I have more knitting to do, lol.


  1. Lots of knitting sympathy for you...

    It took me 3 days to cast on properly and by the end I couldn't understand why on earth people knit for stress relief. 20 minutes is a great time. Good for you!

    I've recently attempted to conquer Double Point Needles and it's like learning all over again. I've posted several clips from YouTube on my'll have to visit and entertain yourself when you have a chance - .

    Best of luck on your project!


  2. Thumperdd said...

    " I've recently attempted to conquer Double Point Needles and it's like learning all over again. "

    Oh... I was just reading about those because I want to be able to knit some period correct wool stockings for my rendezvous outfit and I was looking at methods for knitting stockings... just reading the instructions made my eyes cross and I decided to wait until I get the basics before I even THINK about that kind of stuff!!! hehe.