Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Welcome To Camp Auntponyshouse!

So for the last several years Tiff and her cousin Ashley have gone to a bible camp together for a week during the summer. This year they have their big Washington DC trip in May which is draining the bank for both of their parents, but I still planned to send Tiff to camp if she wanted to go. So a few days ago the subject came up (yes, she was over here this weekend for a change) and she said she doesn't really want to go this year.

Well, during this conversation Karen (mom in law) mentioned that my niece didn't really want to go either but she thought that was because her brother was going to be in her same age group this year so she would basically be going to camp with her brother and she was far less than thrilled.

Well... I guess sis in law was sending her any way (get both of the older kids out of the house at the SAME TIME for a change? I don't blame her!!!!!). I got to thinking about it... as bad as it would be having to spend summer camp putting up with your little brother having to do it without your usual side kick would just be a kick in the teeth. So I came up with the brilliant idea to invite her over here for that week for Camp Auntponyshouse!

Now normally I do this for 3 or 4 days during the summer anyway, but this time it will be for the full week at least. I take Tiff's tv/vcr/dvd combo out to the camper, take them shopping for a fridge full of snack foods, and basically let them pretend like they are grown ups with their own little house. I keep a close watch on them but basically let them come and go and do as they please. They want to go for a walk out back? Just let me know. Want to go swimming? Just let me know. Want to stay up all night watching movies and talking about boys and singing along to their favorite music? Well, as long as they are out in the camper they can go for it.

So I discussed it with Deb (sis in law) and it was agreed that it sounded like a perfectly acceptable idea. Tiff says Ashley sounds pleased. Tsu... not so much. The girls always drive him nuts. I told him he is welcome to go stay at his folks house that week if he wants to, lol!

And who knows, maybe they can help me do some training with Brego during that week. I bet they would like that.


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