Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Does he poop ice cream and butterflies and fart rainbows?

NO! He does not!

I made this new sig picture for a few horse forums I go to:


So, maybe a little explanation is in order. For folks who are not fans of Gypsy Horses these horses are seen as a bit of a joke. Part of this is because there are a number of people who paid into the high 5 and low 6 digits for breeding stock and there was a lot of talk about how "magical" they are. Let's face it, they DO look like something out of a fantasy book and so it is only natural that folks who are into fairies and princesses and unicorns might be attracted to them.

Because of this many folks who like them got a reputation for being kooky middle aged women who have more money than sense. People without an interest in the breed found them laughable and started to mock them, the people who like them and the breed (or type) itself. A very strong stereotype developed and even though the price of the horses has dropped a good deal and a lot more people who just like feathered breeds or cobs and want a sturdy cob sized draft animal with some flash are buying into the breed most folks still seem to assume that anyone who likes them is a kook who thinks they are "magical".

So when I would admit I wanted one it was common for my horsie friends online and in real life to ask me, "Do they really poop ice cream and butterflies and fart rainbows?"

Hence the disclaimer in the sig picture.

That said, I am a down to earth person. I just want my horse to be a happy horsie. No magic required. BUT I do think there is a kind of "magic" when you find the right horse. I had that with Trooper. I had it with Jamie. I have a shadow of it with Mary. I hope I have it with Brego, I think I will. But it isn't really MAGIC. It is simply something wonderful that happens when a horse person spends time with a good horse. And the horse doesn't even have to have hairy feet for THAT kind of magic to happen.

Edit to add: That said, if he did poop ice cream and butterflies it would sure make mucking the barn a lot more pleasant, wouldn't it?

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  1. I found your blog through the HarlFarms forums. I LOVE your new sig. I need one of those for my Max :)I know what you mean about 'regular' horse people on open forums.
    Congrats on getting your dream horse. I finally got mine back in July. Best. Thing. Ever.