Monday, March 23, 2009


20 bales stacked in the barn. And I helped to move it! Yeah! Keep in mind that like 5 years ago I needed help to brush my hair. Yesterday I helped move 20 bales of hay that weigh like 100 pounds each (big tightly packed heavy bales of good green mixed hay) and today? I'm a little stiff but otherwise fine!

So... yay me!

So last night after we got the hay I changed into my bloomers and hand made shirt, and chilled around the house while Tsu grilled us up some wieners. Talk about delicious! It tasted like summer. You know what I mean? I feel all giddy and powerful because I was actually able to do something I used to do Before. Before the arms got bad, Before I hurt all the time. Before things changed. These mitts of mine will never be normal but they are better. I still can't draw, but I can move hay. Hot diggity. We got the water tank moved into it's summer location yesterday too. The fish survived the winter, much to my delight. Getting so much done, it feels wonderful.

I got my curtains this weekend. The curtain rods still need to be moved but no more blankets hanging over the windows!!! That has improved moral around here a lot, too. I also did some work in the kitchen. I restained the cabinet fronts, where i had removed the handles and spackled the holes in. I also worked on a spot of flooring to see how it looked. It turned out lovely so I need to get a can of Dark Walnut Minwax stain and a can of paste wax so i can get that done as well. I like the way it looks better than the linoleum I was looking at.

I let the rooster back out of his cage and closed the gate at the top of the steps to the front porch. He hangs out on the steps now. I have had to defend myself from him once or twice, though. He needs his spurs trimmed again. He is right at the top of the steps right now crowing. Hahaha! Silly rooster.

It looks like today will be a beautiful day. The sun is out, it's almost above freezing. The ponies are munching hay instead of eating beet pulp and alfalfa cubes like they were last week.

And we should have word about how much the stock sold for, maybe even get the money direct deposited today!!!! That means I will be able to send Marsha some money within the next few days.

I'm so excited that I might just knit another sock today to celebrate!!!

I think I might take the camera out and get some pictures today. I need a shot of Nigel in his new knit sweater anyway. Maybe get some new pics of the rooster, and some pics of how frumpy and ratty the ponies look.

But for now, I just need more coffee.

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  1. I think Sparrow looks ADORABLE all furry and floofy like that! LOL! Congratulations on the pony..... YAY PONY! And good news on your arms letting you do all that too... healing is a good thing.

    So does all of that mean Sparrow stays?.... curious minds want to know!