Saturday, March 28, 2009

Houston, we are go for lift off!

Paddock 1 (the barn lot, lol) fence is DONE and ready for Brego. Paddock 3 I ended up getting tired and sore and put some temp fence up. It's half the size it will be eventually but right now there are a bunch of scrubby bushes in parts of it that need to be hacked out and there are some trees with low branches that need to come out. So I fenced in the safe area and called it good. All the wire is marked with scraps of cloth to make it more visible, the rest is electric tape.

Mary and Sparrow spent a half hour in the new Paddock 3 running around like idiots. Mary promptly urinated by the gate while Sparrow flung himself on the ground and rolled in the masses of weeds. I guess that is how they each mark their territory or something because they both do that EVERY time I stick them in a new area.

So... Everything is ready for Brego to come home! I'm exhausted. I'm going to go knit another wash cloth.

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