Sunday, March 22, 2009

The stock arrived...

...and we got screwed. Instead of like 1100 shares we got around 600. The taxes were supposed to be covered separately, but instead they decided they couldn't do that after all, so they are automatically selling almost 400 shares to cover the taxes. Plus the shares had dropped in price some (but not a lot, thankfully). *sigh* So I will have almost half as much as expected for my horse.

I would be seriously depressed right now except that Marsha, bless her lovely soul, has told me not to worry, he is mine. Pay what I can and she will take "pay as you can" payments for the balance. I'm just waiting to see how much i actually get so i can discuss it with her and send her the money.

However, there has been some really good discussion going on with my husband and I this weekend. We discussed how we have cut corners and saved some money. His pay cut was a great incentive for us to cut the corners I had been wanting to cut. Between the changes in our satellite bill by cutting to a lower package (even if it did mean I gave up court tv and animal planet), canceling our game subscriptions, canceling one of our life insurance policies, switching to a new auto insurance, etc... we have cut expenses by almost $400 a month in total. Once his pay comes back up to normal in June... well, as long as we keep those corners trimmed that puts us in a pretty good place.

So I was discussing Sparrow. And Tsu said he thinks we should not push to sell him until we see how our finances go this summer once Brego is here. Because Sparrow doesn't eat much and with the changes we have made in our monthly finances we should be able to handle worming, shots and hoof care for three ponies OK. So he is still for sale and if the perfect home comes along that is great but if not, well, my little buddy might not have to go.

That is totally worth not having World of Warcraft to play when the weather is yucky and i get bored.


  1. Oh YEAH! The thought of Sparrow going to live with someone else was bumming me out.... stories you've told sound like he's bonded to you... so staying with the human he loves sounds good to me.


  2. Yeah, I have been battling with the decision all along. On the one hand I love him, on the other hand... if I found the right home for him where they would use him to his full potential that would be great for him! He is better quality than I expected when I bought him and I think he could do well at local shows. I mean, he is the type who will bond with anyone who gives him food often enough so I'm not worried about him emotionally... but keeping him would make me very happy.