Monday, May 4, 2009

Another beautiful day, this one went much better!

It's finally GREEN! green enough to let the stubbies out on some of it to munch. It doesn't take them long to mow the lawn at all!

They are enjoying the fact that I am spending most of my work time on Brego and they are just being lazy. They should enjoy it while they can because in another few weeks it is back to work for them as well.

I didn't want yesterdays behaviour to set in Brego's mind for too long. The last thing I want is to set him up from day one to be a run away. So I decided to do something different today. Instead of trying to use the long lines (which I much prefer) I decided today to do a different method. Instead of long lines and the bare back pad I just put his halter on him with some reins. I spent twice as long getting him to give me his head in each direction and with me standing on either side, while I stood next to him with my hands over his back. Then I asked him to walk around me by tapping him lightly on the butt and saying "walk on". Very good both ways. Then, I asked him to go straight.

Sure enough he bunched himself up, gathered himself to burst forward, and the second he started to go I just pulled his head around to the side. You should have seen his eyes! "OH CRAP! She got me!!!!" He tried to go sideways and I just kept pulling him around. Half a circle and he was done. We did more circles both ways, with me on either side, went straight with me on the off side. He bunched up like he was going to try it again, I tugged the right rein just enough to remind him I was there and he let out this long dejected sigh and just went on walking straight. Hahaha! Nipped that little drama in the bud.

So, I guess that is how I will work him on this for now, instead of long lines. He did REALLY well today and I am sure he felt he earned his lunch.


  1. I'm still laughing at the reference "stubbies". As for Brego - I think naughty is in the air. Bonnie decided that the piece of paper on the other side of the road was dangerous and was gonna eat both of us. Oh and the neighbors mini donkey was a complete killer donkey gonna eat her. Mind you from acre and two electric fences away.

    I'm hurting pretty everywhere tonight she really beat me up - very little was balanced and smooth during todays ride. I'd get her there - and that darned paper would flutter. I sware I'm going to nail pieces of paper around her feed bucket.

  2. LOL! Cover her butt in post it notes and turn her loose. ;-)

  3. hmmm what post-it colour goes with deep chestnut?

  4. All of them! hehehe!!!

    At one farm I worked for a woman had a mare who though plastic shopping bags were the devil. I came in one day and her entire stall was covered in them, and she was standing there covered in dried sweat. I mean like there were hundreds of them all over the walls and she was practically knee deep in them. I have no clue how they even got her in there with them, or if they tossed them in after she was in the stall.

    The interesting thing was that after that if she saw a grocery sack in the barn she was fine but out on the trail she still completely freaked out over them, even worse than she had before.

    *shakes head*

  5. yah.. I'm going to put paper and plastic bags everywhere though in the run in shed, in her stall, along the fences .. along the rails where I ride.. I mean EVERYWHERE...

  6. Your posts make me wish I had horses...even when you have interesting days!

    I FINALLY finished my Kreativ Blogger Award -

    Thanks again for the award. That was super nice of you!