Thursday, May 7, 2009

So I have been knitting, AND I turned Mary out with the boys.

A friend of mine at Global Family Room (open invite to anyone who wants to check it out, I have a huge ad for the place right down there on the lower right hand side, lol!) has a thread where she occasionally posts craft ideas. I decided to try one out the other day, it was this one:

"Maner" head band thingie.

I didn't want to risk wasting good yarn on it so I used some that was sport weight fuzzy stuff in a colour that I like to call "needs to be washed really bad sorta pink". I also used size 10 circulars. These are NOT what the "How To" calls for but it was what I had available at the time. So this is how it turned out:



So today I made a slightly narrower one in this black yarn with kind of pastel coloured flecks in it and I really like it. I am now making one with fun fur yarn. It's triple strand plain black worsted with one strand black fun fur and one strand multi blue fun fur. I think it will be a very cute winter one that should nicely hide the fact that I only have about 14 hairs these days.

The whole thing maybe takes an hour start to finish, though the fun fur one is taking longer because knitting the three strands is a little more fumbly for me.

So, I had Mary back out next to the boys and they were nice and calm. Then I saw the weather report and it said possible rain for the next several days. BLARG! I decided to go for it and stick Mary in with the boys. I shooed them back away from the gate with a longe whip and lead her through and Sparrow, the snot, blasted past me and ran right through the gate I was holding to get to the grass. Busted the hot wire, zapped us both. But I got Mary in there and closed the other two strands of gate. She ran right up to Brego, turned around and squirted his front legs. The little hussy is in heat and didn't so much as wink at him until they were in together.

I fixed the gate wire, caught Sparrow and stuffed him back in with the other two and off they went all over again.

The main difference being when Mary is sick of running she turns her butt to Brego and backs him down. He did try to corner her at point but she blasted past him and since then they have been fine with very little drama. I worked on the fence some for about an hour, getting it ready to take down the center divider fence so they have more room to run around. Kept an eye on them. Took some pictures.

Brego thinks she smells funny:


The two stubbies seem glad to be back together. They also like to confuse Brego when he tries to run them by splitting up. Then he is like, "What? Who should I keep running after??"

Thankfully the running was done before the rain hit.

I gave Breg his lunch and stuck around to make sure he ate it ok. That was part of his problem at his former home, he got pushed around by his pasture buddies. I wanted to make sure he didn't let Mary chase him away from his food. Even if she did it is up too high for her to eat but still....

You can see she wants it:


Sparrow wants it too, but Brego doesn't feel like sharing:


If they get closer than that he turns his but to them and hops his hind legs and they take off.

Last time I went out to check on them they were all three standing in the barn out of the rain, and Sparrow was asleep.


  1. Those ponies! Always trying to run things! And mares in heat - even more fun (I have 3 mares and know about that). I love the name Brego - LOTR reference, I expect? (I have a female German Shepherd named Brega for the same reason.) Did you know that there is another Brego in the horse blogging world? - The Eventing Percheron in my sidebar.

  2. Yes, his breeder named him after the horse in LOTR. I had a different name planned but it was close and just as geeky, hehe, so I decided to leave him Brego.

    I follow the other Brego's blog! He is a handsome chap! I LOVE Perchies.

    I'm more of a gelding girl, myself. But I have to admit that even when Mary is being a TOTAL raging hormonal mare I love her like crazy. She is going to be very annoyed if Brego doesn't bow to her obvious superiority. LOL.

  3. heh.. Bonnie is in heat too.... I'm so looking for a gelding! Oh and buying a bucket of Moody Mare

  4. Oh... Just realized that first pic of you.. it's sooo "Blair Witch Project" hahahahaha!

  5. JeniQ said...

    "Oh... Just realized that first pic of you.. it's sooo "Blair Witch Project" hahahahaha!"

    Oh, no... that one isn't even remotely Blair Witch compared to another one I have, haha. I'll see if I can find it and post it later on, it's funny, lol!