Sunday, May 3, 2009

This has to be a joke. Or a mis-speak. $35,000 handbag?

Good Morning America Sunday is touting an upcoming segment to see if people can tell the difference between a $35 handbag and a $35,000 handbag.

They said it about 14 times. Thirty Five Thousand Dollars.

Are you freakin' KIDDING me? SERIOUSLY?

OK, I understand, I'm not rich. I've never been rich. For a while I had grandparents who were really well off but they got hosed in the LAST housing crash. But I do not see how it is even physically possible to manufacture a freakin' HANDBAG that would be worth $35,000 even if you made it out of Spotted Owl skin and coated it in pure gold.

Even if it is $3500, you can buy a decent used car for that much money! People out there, real live people, even people who are not rich, actually spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a BAG?!?!?!

I'm dumbfounded. I guess I just never thought of it before. I'm sure they probably think I am just as crazy for spending a couple of grand to buy a horse but honestly I am just blown away by the fact that a dang PURSE that costs more than some people's HOUSE even exists. I mean SERIOUSLY?

Not only that, but most of them are ugly. OK, I get it that I am low brow country folk and I just don't understand... and also that I have horrid taste in almost everything. I usually buy my purses at Salvation Army for $3. My last purse I splurged and spent a whopping $20 to buy it new at Wal Mart. Now I don't even carry one anymore. I use my wallet and my goofy wallet chain. Which I spent about $12 for total. If I need more room I fill a pocket.

I just can't believe anyone would spend more than three digits for a BAG! I can almost understand it getting into the hundreds of dollars. Quality leather, hand made workmanship, blahblahblah. Like shoes. I've worn cheap shoes all my life, but I've tried on some $1000 shoes and you can FEEL the difference. It might not be worth the $975 difference in price but they DO feel a LOT better on your tootsies. But tens of thousands of dollars for shoes? Again, are you KIDDING me?

I know, I know, it is their money and they are free to do with it as they please. I fully support that for everyone, but honestly I have to admit if I find out any of you spend multiple thousands of dollars on a handbag I might just have to slap you silly.

edit to add: the $35,000 was not a mis-speak. not only that but check THIS out:



  1. I didn't catch this one but, I did see the $500 (or $800, can't remember) shoes as compared to the Payless $20 shoes. Had the same issue - how could you pay that much for shoes????

    They had girls wear them around Central Park for a mile for comparison. Both complained about the same issues - blisters and discomfort but, the Payless shoes didn't make the girl complain as fast as the high dollar shoes.

    They did cut them open & show that the Payless shoes had rubber insoles & the other shoe was leather layers all the way through. I kept thinking - How soft is leather to walk on????

    Great post - enjoyed it!


  2. I was in a store once and saw like a $500 purse. I grabbed it put it on my shoulder.. walked a bit right in front of the display. Then when the sales lady came over I told her that it didn't make me feel any different - definitely not happier. Then asked where the womens stockings where cause I needed some silk knee highs to wear in my tall field boots.

    You woulda thought I'd smacked her upside her head with that bag...

  3. My big splurge on bags is a couple of Coach bags from their outlet..... yeah, I blew $160 on a bag.... but I'm getting darn good use out of it, and they do hold up for YEARS. $35,000 for a purse is just insane... what is it, diamond encrusted? I can see spending a bit on shoes... and leather sole will mold to your foot and become very comfortable... synthetic ones don't do that ... but I think the most I've ever spent on a pair of shoes is around $200 on a pair of boots... wore them for years until the soles finally gave out and then had them resoled... they weren't the same so that was pretty much the end of them.... but YIKES!