Thursday, September 23, 2010

For Jen, House/barns...

Check out this:

Barns with apartments above them.

It's ok to drool.

As I get older the idea of a set of stairs to get up to my house sounds less and less appealing, but I thought having a barn built like a walk out basement with a house on top at ground level on one end would be cool. lol.

The thought of being able to go out and feed in the morning without having to actually go outside delights me.


  1. Yah that's what I'm talking about !!! As my kids get older it's looking more and more appealing to me! We'd build a second building for Jim's music studio/man cave...

    Stairs don't bother me so much and could probably rig some sort of "livery elevator" for groceries or heavier stuff.

  2. Okay.... cool.... but how do you keep the apartment from SMELLING like.... well..... "barn stuff"?


  3. Placid, if you keep your horse barn clean even your barn shouldn't smell like "barn stuff". It's literally a complete non-issue unless you allow your animals to live in filth. Having lived in an apartment attached to a barn I find that my house stinks worse from having cats than it ever did from being located over 40 horse stalls. And that is even with cleaning litter boxes twice a day.

    It would be much different if it were over a dairy barn or pig farm, but with horses if you are getting a smell anywhere but in the horses stall right after it goes poop.... you are doing it wrong. A properly maintained horse barn smells of fresh hay, bedding (either straw or wood shavings) and clean leather.