Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Gone to seed...

So, I am attempting to save some seeds from some heirloom tomatoes my neighbor, Sandi (Sandy? I can never remember which it is) gave me. Saving tomato seeds is kinda gross. The seeds have a protective coating on them, a slim, if you will. This prevents them from sprouting until after a slight fermentation process that breaks down the slime. So to properly save tomato seeds you need to let them sorta ferment a bit first.

I will save you the gory details in THAT process, but i will say... stinky. Yuck.

So after three days of stirring and other gross disgusting stuff... I have seeds!!


They are well on their way to being dry enough to store until next spring. According to Sandi she gave me Brandywine, Black Beauty and some random heirloom mix. How do you like my fancy "hardwood flooring"? *grin*

My whole body aches from two days working hides, and I over used my hands so now they hurt and are weak and shaky. Sometimes I forget they are faulty. Then something reminds me. *sigh* But the hides are pretty much dry and ready to store until I am ready to tan them. We'll see then if i did this right or if I should have kept them wet and soaking in salt longer. I'm also working on some small pieces from the lower leg with dew claws attached to make a bag like one I saw a picture of in a museum a while back. THOSE are hard to get the membrane and stuff scraped off of.

This is our pool.


Say goodbye pool. *goodbye pool!!*

The metal sides will be turned into fancy goat shelter, and the rest? *shrug* who knows. More junk to pile up somewhere i guess.

Can you tell our lawn mower is broken? The goats do not do as tidy a job, hehe.


  1. Oh no ! You skinned brego?! Haha just kidding! I must be behind on your posts

  2. He would make a lovely wall hanging, lol, but I think i like HIS hide actually ON him better. lol.