Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I see skies of blue...

But not in a place where i SHOULD be seeing them.

First, this is my run in area of my little horsie/critter barn.


I had to move my hay out of the barn partially because of lack of room but mostly because of.... this:



That isn't the only one. Three of the six skylights are like that, including the ones over the run in area.


Which means that if it is really rainy the horses have virtually no place to get out of the rain. Which would concern me more if they ever even TRIED to get out of the rain, which they don't.

However, those have GOT to be patched before the weather turns bad, because freezing rain is a whole other beast.

We have these to patch the roof with:


They have done a phenomenal job all summer keeping the grass in that spot from growing. Which is a noble endeavor considering that our lawn mower is less than perfectly functional.

I wish i were physically capable of doing this stuff myself. I'm gonna lose my mind having to wait on other people to do it.

On an unrelated note... what the heck?


I warily pick it up, and try to figure out just what the heck I am looking at, laying there, walked in to the dirt...


It's a knit glove of some sort, turned inside out. And it was in the horse paddock. NO clue where it came from. First i find spoons, now this? Weird.

Edit to add: after writing this up and scheduling it to post the topic came up and it seems that this project is tentatively scheduled for weekend after next. *crossing fingers*


  1. *sigh* at least it's YOUR barn on YOUR plot of land where you can watch YOUR ponies get wet because they don't care about the sky lights being out!

    Oh how I LONG for my barn... Maybe I'll looking to land.. and have one of those barns on the bottom, house on the top things built??

  2. good luck and hope the job gets done soon!

  3. I sure hope you get the roof patched up before bad weather. If you weren't so far away I would come over to help.

    Whitetail Woods Blog / Blackpowder Shooting

  4. Hmmmm.... got someone sleeping in your barn?

    Weird...... good luck with the repairs. Too bad you'll be going from translucent to opaque... I suspect you'll miss the light.


  5. "Too bad you'll be going from translucent to opaque... I suspect you'll miss the light."

    I actually don't want the translucent panels anymore. I got electric lights out there now, and the translucent ones just break down way too fast. They only let dim light through anyway so i had to use my electric lights anyway. If they had let more light through I would be bummed but as it is I just want the holes plugged, lol.