Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! Let's Go Get Our taxes Done And Celebrate The Anniversary of my Divorce!!!

Yes, it is Valentines Day... more notable around my house as the anniversary of my final court date (and finalization) of my divorce from my first husband. *and the towns people rejoiced*

Yes, 9 years ago today I dressed up in my snazzy suit (which I can fit into again, and is actually a little too big now, lol) and traipsed off to the court house to get my release papers from the ex. What a day to have your divorce hearing, lol. Thankfully by that point I was just SOOO glad to be done with him. Most of the hurt and desperation and self pity was gone and I was actually delighted that it was almost over.

On that day I stopped at the post office and a stranger said, "My, you look all gussied up today! Going to a wedding?"

I laughed, "No, my final hearing for my divorce is today."

He grinned, "Really? You look pleased. Maybe I could buy you a drink later on to celebrate?"

I laughed again, "Sorry, I already have plans, but your offer just made my day even better. Thank you."

My plans were with Tsu. He bought me roses. I'd planned to return the wedding gift my ex gave me after we left court, but there was some tie up with paper work and since I didn't have a wedding coming up that made the tie up critical and frightening I just left and told the ex to let me know how it turned out. LOL. So I dropped off the gift, a claymore sword with an inscription on it that was clearly not true, at his parents house on my way to dinner.

So much hurt, so much pain, so much drama and suffering. My life has been so blissfully dull and uneventful by comparison ever since and I couldn't be happier.

On this Valentine's Day I will kiss my loving silly husband awake, we will exchange Valentine's wishes but likely nothing else because we show each other our love every day and don't generally do more than send an ecard or something for these Hallmark holidays. Then, in the height of romantic planning, we will go get our taxes done.


Oh I am so freaked out about this. We don't get to claim Tiff this year so it will be smaller than last year. We trade years with her dad. But I am hoping it is a good return so I can pay a deposit on Brego. We get it direct deposited so it usually only takes a week or two to get. I can't wait!!

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  1. How fitting! My divorce from my first husband, and kids father was final on our 12 th wedding anniversary! What a gift I say.

    P.S. mom is not doing well at all - prognosis is grim. She had a stroke yesterday. *crying profusely*