Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Here Comes The Rain Again....

...I will NOT complain. I will NOT complain!!!

At least it isn't snow!

Flash flood warning for half of the state. The driveway has turned completely to muck. Tsu is beside himself (I'm exaggerating) because he is expecting a game to be delivered by UPS and is worried the UPS truck will get stuck OR won't even try once they see the mud bog track we call a driveway.

I started another blog today. Another money making scheme that I don't want to clutter this blog up with. I post jokes, rants, random junk there... and eventually will be making posts for products and posting links and getting a few bucks for each one. Hey, it all adds up! I stuck several jokes about Michigan on there this morning. I posted a link to it in my favorite links section over there >>>>>>----------------->

Tsu was still feeling kind of yuck, so he went to the doctor today. He has an appointment with a neurologist on tuesday because he is also having pins and needles sensations in his arms and legs.

On the way home we stopped for breakfast at the Fire House Cafe. I got hash browns with grilled onions and green peppers, and an english muffin.... OMG it was delicious!!!. And cheap! Cheap is good because, you know, I have THIS to pay for:


*gets all dreamy eyed*

Where was I? Oh, yeah, finishing breakfast. We went out to the car and there was a huge river of water running down the INSIDE of the windshield and into the dash. It seems when they replaced our windshield a few months ago they didn't get it sealed properly, but because it was WINTER we didn't realize it. Not water is pouring like a waterfall down into the dash and into the fan motor for the heater!!! GAH! And I have to drive it into town that way this afternoon for Tiff's eye appointment. *face palm*

Tsu already set up an appointment to bring it in tomorrow morning.


At least it shouldn't cost us anything to get it fixed.


  1. Good luck with all. windshield, Tiff's glasses and hubby's appointments. We (hubby, kids, and one dog) are heading to MI tomorrow. Mom is still at Bay Med (in Bay City) and took a turn for the worse this morning.


  2. JeniQ said...

    " Mom is still at Bay Med (in Bay City) and took a turn for the worse this morning.


    ((((hug)))) I'm sooooo sorry to hear that.