Sunday, February 8, 2009

The world is turning to mud! YAY!

Yes, I said YAY! I refuse to complain. REFUSE! After this winter I look forward to mud. I welcome it, in fact! Because mud means warmth and warmth means spring and even though I know this warm spell will end I NEED it right now. A lot.

On a non-related topic... yesterday I made myself bloomers. So my pre-1840 fur trade era outfit (not entirely period correct but "close enough" for now) is done! I will try and get some pictures today. We are going to see Tsu's folks and I want to get some pictures of my rifle and show Karen (MIL) my outfit so I'll see if I can get some good pictures of the outfit and the gun to show off. I was looking at it thinking, "Wow, this took me a month of hand sewing but I actually made this whole thing, with my own two hands, no machines, and I made my own patterns even! I'm impressed with me!" LOL!

The only thing I don't like is that the seams inside the shirt are not finished off. I need to figure out a way to clean those up because I think it looks untidy. Not that anyone else can see it, but all my other thing have NO exposed edges anywhere so those seams annoy me. I'll get some pics right quick and show you what I mean:

First, outside seams on skirt:


Then inside seams on skirt which shows how awful my stitching looks on the inside, haha! But you can see, no raw fabric edges:


Inside of my bloomers:


And now inside seams of my shirt:


YUCK! It is driving me nutty. I can't stand it. I think I am going to roll the raw edges under and whip stitch them so i can't see them. Otherwise it is going to make me CRAZY!

One last picture, even though my stitching is uneven and it looks ratty I am soooo proud of these hand sewn button holes!!!!


Oh, nice, cat hair in the picture. That is it, I'm shaving all the cats. LOL.

I ran outside to get some quick pictures of the mud but it froze over night, so that will have to wait, haha! Sparrow, however, had a great deal of fun in the mud yesterday and looks HORRIBLE this morning!!!!


EWWWWW!!!! HAHAHA! I can't believe how short that picture makes his leg look. This is why I usually get down to his level to take pictures. He looks like a wiener dog in this picture. A filthy little wiener dog. (The wrap on his tail is because his tail drags the ground by about 6 inches so I fold it up, then down, then wrap the folded part so it is up high enough that he won't step on it and rip hairs out). At least the clumps of mud he had stuck on him yesterday fell off over night. He looked like he was wearing mud armour!

Well, I need to get in the shower and knock the stink off for the day!

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  1. Nice work! And I think Sparrow looks adorable.... of course, I'm not the person who has to groom him.... ;)