Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Horse... *crosses finger and toes*

I have not actually talked much about this horse I want, partially because even though I am not a superstitious person I do not want to "jinx" myself. But even with everything going on that seems to be trying to keep us apart (*imagines a slow-mo 70's type film of the horse and I running towards each other on a beach while the economy tries to keep us apart*) things are now looking pretty good for him coming home to me. And it is almost entirely because of the patience and kindness and all around awesomeness of his seller, Marsha. Seriously, I wish she and her husband lived closer because she is just the neatest lady and I adore her (and I am not just saying that because she is jumping through hoops and bending over backwards to make sure I get this horse and I want to suck up. lol. I actually mean it).

But I just can't keep it to myself anymore and since this blog is part of how I am going about earning money and promoting my store so I can make the money to pay for him I figured it is about time for you guys to meet him.

This, my friends, is what I am working for. Meet Brego...


He is kind of friendly, and likes to get a close up view of what you are doing so almost every picture is a close up of his nose. It makes it a little difficult for Marsha to get a good side shot of him for me to show off, lol. But the pictures tickle me pink anyway.

I have this picture as my background, don't ask me why I cropped it that way, I just like the way it looks to have him peering out at me when I turn my computer on every day:


And so you can actually get a bit of a look at him:


He still has some maturing to do. Many of these horses don't finish filling out until they are 5 or so (he is 4, which is perfect because I won't need to wait to get him started under saddle). He isn't real big (that is a GOOD thing for me, I want a medium to large pony size not a big horse size) but should be just big enough for me to ride recreationally and of course I will work on training him to drive as well. He is sweet and affectionate and should LOVE to be spoiled.

Marsha says he is kind of low man on the totem pole and gets pushed around some. Well, around here he will only have Mary to hang with. So while she probably will boss him around it shouldn't be too bad and he will only have to share his attention from me with her.

You know, I'm not the "hearts and flowers" type. I'm not into all this "magic and fairy tales and dreams come true blah blah blah...". But I love feathered horses, I think they are beautiful, and I have seen this horse in my head every time I have imagined MY horse since I was about 2. I'm realistic. I'm not looking for an "Alec and The Black" relationship, I expect my horses to BE horses. I expect them to think and act and interact with me like a HORSE not like some fairy tale unicorn where we have a magical bond. But I love my horses. Possibly more than is healthy. I lost Jamie over two years ago and I still have this huge aching hole in my heart that feels no smaller today than it did the day he died. I love them for just exactly who and what they are, not what I wish they would be.

This horse, Brego, he is my dream horse. He isn't perfect (what horse is?) but he meets everything in my "must have" list, and most things in my "would be nice" list. He has the temperament, the size, and the personality which are the main things. And he has a black tail. lol.

And now, to end this post before I pass out from desperately wishing he was munching hay in my yard:

*sigh* I'm so smitten. Look how soft his expression is... "Hey! What ya doin'? Can I see?"

He makes my heart ache. I'm such a girl.


  1. Hay .. he's gorgeous! And just like all those pictures you drew .. well since you could hold a pencil!

  2. You go girl! I'll be watching for the post that says you have finally brought him home. Very cute boy and love his eye and curious personality.