Monday, February 9, 2009

You rotten city slickers....

Ya'll better stay offa my land or I'll shoot ya!



My husband took these pictures and I never realized how foreshortened I look from his point of view way up there over a foot over my head. lol. Anyhoooo.... this is it, my pre-1840's fur trade era outfit. And also my blackpowder rifle. I not only made everything I am wearing (aside from my socks, hat and bra) but my father in law built the gun AND I made my own patterns for the outfit.

Even the bloomers:


What the HECK is with my eyes in this picture, I look like I just got a bad face lift, haha!!

These pictures were taken at my in laws house.

I listed some more stuff on my Etsy shop, finally got some necklaces up. Here are a couple I have up for sale now:




Don't forget to enter to win one of my pendants!!!!!

And you send me questions at!!!!

**Side note, if you look close I am wearing one of my gourd necklaces. All I did with that one was sand the edges, put a hole in it and wax it. The design that looks remarkably like the thumb of michigan? Natural design. I LOVES it!

Oh and BTW, Jen... (((hugs))) I hope your mom is doing better. I'm really sorry to hear about all of her health issues.


  1. Thanks Pony... mom is terminal =( nothing short of a miracle is going to change that, but I'm hope'n and praying for one.

    That outfit is cute.. but yanno.. I doubt they wore bra's back in that era.

  2. (((hug))) I'm glad you are getting some time with her.

    And yeah, I was trying to figure out a more period correct way to keep my boobs from bouncing off my belt but I decided I am no way near dedicated enough to the whole concept of being historically accurate to give up my bra, haha!