Saturday, September 19, 2009

Arrrr!!! I be disappointed in Google...

Google be a search engine I use alot, and I be using their services fer a lot o' things. I likes 'em, but they be disappointin' me in the worst possible way.

See, Google be havin' this habit o' putting nifty little pictures in their name fer special occasions. Not just big holidays like Christmas and Halloween, but they be goin' it fer things like Giovanni Schiaparelli's Birthday (??) and anniversary of the first phone call and other things.

And yet they don't be havin' one fer Talk Like A Pirate Day! They been havin' ones for things about science, things about celebrities, and things about stuff not a no one ever heard of before but not talk like a pirate day? Them bleedin' ALIENS in there UFOs be getting one even! YARRRRR, that be chappin' me hide.

Come on Google, it be time fer you to be recognizin' the most important holiday of the yarrr... I mean year... Next year I be expectin' to see an eye patch on yer logo.

Aye, I be greatly disappointed in ye, Google. greatly disappointed in ye, indeed.

edit to be addin this: Crop circles? Arrrr ye kiddin' me? CROP CIRCLES be gettin' their own special logo but not talk like a pirate day? *sobs into her skull and cross bones hanky*

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