Thursday, September 17, 2009

Uh oh. The mailman is mad at us!

So.... we have this mail man. We've had issues with him off and on since I lived here before, and he and my in laws butted heads a few times. He refuses to come up our driveway because he says it is "one massive pot hole and I can't even get my car down it." Which is true for about two weeks each april, and was true when my inlaws were here over three years ago now. But now? Well, judge for yourself. This is the whole entire driveway. Granted it needs a good mowing but does this look impassable?

The parking area in front of the trailer:


standing in the same spot facing the road:


Standing just past the barn looking at the road:


That is the whole entire "impassable massive pot hole" of a driveway that is so bad he can't get down it.

Which, funny enough, wasn't even the issue that started this. The issue was that when we have packages that won't fit in our box he just lays them on top of the mailbox. Where they get rained on, or knocked off, or stolen. I don't care so much if he brings the package to the house, or if he leaves a card and we have to get it from the P.O., I just don't want my books or electronics sitting top of my mailbox getting ruined by rain or knocked into the road or ripped off by the punks up the road. But instead of just saying OK when my husband sent a complaint Mr. Mailman responded by saying, "Yeah well, YOUR DRIVEWAY SUCKS!"


The other mail delivery person gets up and down our "impassable" driveway with no problem at all. And our friend with the newer Mustang gets up it just fine. I mean, am I in denial? Is it worse than I think? Because honestly, that driveway looks pretty good to me. Better than most rural driveways, in fact.

Now, in addition to this issue we have also had issues with him pulling in (back when he still would) and sitting outside laying on the horn until someone goes outside to get the package... then if the package is big he tells me to just get it out of the back of the car myself. Where it sits there, surrounded by everyone else's sorted mail. And the honking makes the dogs freak out, and the combination of laying on the horn half way up the drive and the dogs freaking obviously wakes Tsu up. Now the other delivery person pulls in, gives the horn a short beep, then starts to bring the package up to the door. It doesn't even make the dogs wake up. So if she can manage that why does this guy have such an issue? Now to give him credit, I did tell him, nicely, that he only needs to beep the horn once, quickly, and if I am home I will hear it. I told him why, and after that for quite a while he was better about it. Then he went back to laying on the horn, and then he just stopped coming up altogether and started stacking packages on top of the mailbox instead.


I want to get one of those huge mailboxes, it will solve most of this issue. Most of the packages we get are small enough to fit into one of those big boxes and he wouldn't have drive up our horrid car eating massive solid pot hole of a driveway. *rolls eyes*

This has been a weird week. Seriously.

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