Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm confused.

At the start of the school year I got a post card that said my daughter's bus would arrive at 6:39am, that it would be subject to change as the routes were finalized, and that we should be out there at least 5 minutes before the bus is supposed to be there. Sounds reasonable to me.

So first day of school we go out at 6:30am. Bus gets there at about 6:36. OK, so going out at 6:30 is good. For the first week it worked great. The yesterday we head out at 6:28 just because we were ready a few minutes early and the bus is pulling up just as we go out. So I figure, "HM, maybe we should head out closer to 6:26 just in case." I open the front door at 6:26 this morning and the bus is already sitting at the end of the drive waiting.

Seriously? I'm supposed to have her out there 5 to 10 minutes before the bus arrives but now we have a 15 minute window of when it might arrive? So I should be out there between 6:16 and 6:21 to wait for a bus that could get there at any time from 6:26 until 6:39??? So what happens this winter when it is wind chills of -10F? We have to stand out there for 20 minutes?

At least the driver was waiting for her out there. We had to run all the way down the drive. The time the bus gets here seems completely unpredictable. and it doesn't come from the same direction every day, one day it comes around the corner from the east the next it might come from straight south. The days it comes from the south are the days it is early. But how do I know from one day or the next? MEH! So now I have to get Tiff up 10 minutes earlier and get out there 10 minutes earlier.

Some days I seriously consider home schooling. *sigh*


  1. At least it shows up. I've had issues where I've left for work and Logan's has about 5 minutes left to wait. He'd call me about 20 minutes later "Mom bus never came". Seriously.. I have to drive the 20 miles (one way) in heavy traffic back home to take him to school. I understand that I'm the last stop and the farthest from the the school then anyone else but SERIOUSLY not showing up is not acceptible.

    I called bus garage but the bus became even more irregular so I changed my work schedule so I could take him to school, but then I wasn't home in the afternoons until after 6pm. Which sucks.

  2. We had that happen in Dryden every time the weather was bad. I'd call and they would yammer at me saying they did go by but we weren't outside, which was impossible because they would go past once, turn around and come back and pick her up on the second pass. We never missed the bus. ever.

    I finally was able to prove they were NOT going by on those days (neighbor was a cop and followed the bus one day and backed me up that they were not coming down to get her). They had to remove all of her absences on those days from her record. I wasn't working but we only had one car and Tsu was not home until mid morning. It was infuriating.