Monday, March 30, 2009

Emergency trip to the vet...

...I have a feral cat and 4 kittens trapped in my bathroom in a crate, mom cat is in trouble (I think she has a kitten stuck), I leave to take her to the vet in a little over a half hour. Mama is going to need all kinds of prayers and good thoughts to make it through this. And if she doesn't I am going to need all kinds of prayers and good thoughts to bottle feed these newborn kitties until they can be weaned.

If I ever track down the folks who dump these animals on my land I may end up in jail.

But oh my gosh are the kittens adorable.

I REALLY wanted to catch this cat and get her spayed BEFORE this happened again but she is a smart sneaky one. And she tried to kill Tsu when he picked her up after she tried to dash into the house once so it wasn't just a matter of grabbing her and taking her to the vets.

Anywy, I have written it out several times already and am exhausted and stressed. I'll give the long version of the story after I get back from the vets.

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  1. Good lord Pony!! Here's hoping it all works out for you. I've been watching the weather your way and from Texas to Michigan, it doesn't look good. Hope Brego makes it.