Thursday, April 2, 2009

Less than a week now!!!

Our plans are set! We leave at 6 am on the 8th. Mary is putting a mattress in the gooseneck of her trailer so I can sleep in there the night we stay over in Illinois, hahaha! I hope it isn't too cold so I can use it. Otherwise I hope we get a hotel room with a view of the trailer. LOL! Mary is going to open up her 5 horse trailer into a big box stall so he can move around and relax over night before we head home. On the way there we are going to try and stop in and visit with another lady from the forum.

I'm making a gift for Marsha and Mary, will post pictures later. After I get back. So they can't sneak over here and see pictures before they get them.

By the end of next week expect some picture heavy posts, hehehehe.

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