Saturday, April 4, 2009

Helpful hint #4862

When getting ready to haul your dream horse home from several states away do NOT sit and read blogs about trailering accidents.

I'm serious. Don't do it!!!!

*passes out*


  1. LOL, I hear you! In fact, that's why, for the first time ever, I sucked it up and paid a horse transport company to deliver my new horse instead of going to pick him up myself. I just didn't want to deal with any more stress. I prefer to keep to local trips with a horse I don't know well. (aaand... I didn't know if he'd fit in my trailer...)

  2. Silly woman!

    Sorry for taking so long to post back - thanks for the info on the breed Pony. I've been doing a bit of research and I think a Drum horse might be more the fit for hubby. He's 6'3. I've been considering a draft cross for awhile but not too keen on draft/TB crosses which is what I'm finding a lot of.

    Until I move out of the city and have my own farm I'm kinda stuck at doing research. If you don't mind may stop at your place and check out Brego for myself on one of my trips to mom's place. (Can't bring myself to call it anything else but her place) .

    Our goal is to start looking in July - and if my house doesn't sell right away I'll do land contract or long term lease.