Monday, March 30, 2009

She is home. Poor thing.

She is home. We nick named her "Schrodinger" when she first showed up (long story, really lame joke. The gist of which being that she was and was not our cat at the same time as long we didn't acknowledge her as our cat... because of the physics thingie about Schrodinger's cat where the cat is both dead and alive until you open the box to see... you know it's stupid, I'll stop explaining haha). So she has the weird call name of Schrody. At any rate, Schrody is home, sedated up the wazzoo. It took 10 shots of oxytocin. I'll spare you the gruesome details of the delivery, but the kitten had a spinal deformity and had been dead longer than just since she went in to labor. So even if I could have got her to a vet as soon as I noticed she was struggling it wouldn't have helped that baby. It's spine was "U" shaped, no way would it have ever fit through the birth canal without, ugh, being removed by the vet. Vet said it was huge, too.

Schrody was very good until they got to the torso of the dead kitten and then the pain got to be too much and she took a chunk out of the vet and they sedated her. Dr. W said they wanted to let her come out of it on her own because sometimes the wild ones panic when they are brought out of it. She didn't want it to stress her more and she wanted to give me time to get her home, into her bigger crate and give her some peace and quiet before she came all the way out of it.

Her kittens are all full tummy and tiny little legs and tails. The vet said she will probably be making massive amounts of milk for days because of all the oxytocin she had to give her. It was "only" $138 dollars. *rolls eyes*

She got a shot of powerful antibiotics but will still be having a nasty discharge for a day or two. I have to check on her every half hour to make sure she isn't laying on any kittens and that she hasn't vomited and dropped her nose in it. She is not entirely out of the woods yet, but at least she has a chance now and the kittens have lots of good mama's milk. She is a great mom, even sedated she is unable to do much more than shift her weight and she keeps sniffing towards them and trying to lick them clean even though she can't reach them.

I'll be glad when she actually wakes up enough to be able to clean herself and them. Right now my bathroom smells like infected cat uterus and kitten poo.


  1. ewwwww -- infected cat uterus and kitten poo ! Did you have them spay momma while they had her sedated?

  2. Because of the infection and her fragile state they didn't want to operate on her. So I get to have that done once the kittens are weaned.