Monday, March 30, 2009

On a much brighter note....

I tried to crochet!


I had to stop there because something about how I have to hold my left hand makes it sore. So a little at a time until I buildup muscles.

And my most recent knit projects, wash cloths!!!:


And one of several egg gourds I decorated. This is a gift for my ex mother in law:



There might be a change in plan on getting Brego delivered but if it works out it may be a few days later but even more fun!!!

This stuff with the kittens and mama cat threw me for a loop for a few days but now that she is in the care of the vet I'm back to vibrating with excitement.

I was going to try and sleep out in the barn the night he got home but if I am bottle feeding kittens that might be a no-go. hehehe.

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