Wednesday, April 1, 2009

EEEEE!!!!!!! *jumps for joy*

You know, I tend to be a little bitter and resentful of mankind in general. Having done animal rescue has brought me into contact with the dregs of humanity. And the rescuers I worked with or commiserated with had as well, and hearing THEIR horror stories combined with mine has given me a general disgust for a huge percentage of the human race. a number of relationships throughout my life with people who were selfish and self centered and controlling and manipulative have left me without a lot of trust of faith in humanity.

So the last few weeks have really been amazing for me, and a delight, to see the kindness and generosity of people in both good times and in bad.

First, the amount of emotional and informational help I have received this week through "Kitten Crisis '09!" *dramatic ominous music and flashy news style graphic* has been astounding. I've also had an offer to help cover the vet bills. How amazing is that?

I don't want to downplay the amazing response to my kitten issue, but I have seen people pull together to do amazing things in times of crisis large and small.So I am touched, amazed, impressed and humbled. But these people have always been there for me when things like this go on. What has amazed me just as much and given me a little more hope for mankind is the amount of support I have received for a GOOD thing... getting my horse.

Getting a new horse isn't a crisis. It isn't a dramatic event (unless it is a rescue, which this is absolutely NOT!!!) it is a happy decision you make. It's normal for folks to go, "Oh yay, good for you." What is not common is for people to respond with as much delight and joy as if they were getting the horse themselves. What is also not as common is for someone you have only met a few times and mostly have known online to, out of the goodness of her heart, offer to load you into her truck and head half way across the country with her horse trailer to meet the person you are buying the horse from half way free of charge.

Yes, folks, thanks to Mary of Mount Christie Gypsy Horses I am going on a road trip!! We will probably be leaving next tuesday afternoon to meet Marsha of Chinkapin Ranch somewhere half way between Michigan and Oklahoma. Now I have met Mary a couple of times before. A few years ago she was kind enough to invite my family and myself out to meet her horses since I'd never actually met a Gypsy Horse in the flesh before that.

It was this visit that really made me 100% sure these were the horses I'd been looking for.

This is me (pre weight loss) with Mary's good mare Cokie and her filly Capri, the first time I ever got my hands on a real live Gypsy Horse.


My husband and myself and his parents spent a couple of hours talking to Mary, and playing with the horses. My father in law was a hit with the horses, he must smell like carrots.

I am astounded, touched and humbled by these two ladies and by all of my friends at Harlequin Farms Gypsy Horses Forum. I've been hanging out with them for years now and their joy for my finally getting my horse has just been so touching to me. But more than that, their willingness for all these years to love and support and share their horses with me has been monumental. I've lived vicariously through their joys and sorrows and adventures and now I can see them taking joy in my finally getting my own. I just can't say enough about how wonderful and amazing this adventure, and the people I have met along the way, has turned out to be.

I'm tempted to make a list of all the folks who have helped and supported me both through getting my horse and through helping this cat and her kittens, but I am sure I would miss someone so I will just say... you know who you are, and I thank you.

And as a gesture of thanks I will share with you all... A KITTEN PICTURE!!!!



  1. You know - you are infectious. You are almost always positive, kind and generous. These are great things for a human!

    I'm blessed to know you.

    Oh -- and you got me looking at Gypsy horses. They are beautiful. I'm looking for a stout, calm horse that can carry my husband with ease when he finally reaches his goal weight of 280. (he started at 330 in Jan and is at 300). My two quarter horses are small, Bonnie measures out 14.1 HH, and Tiara is 14.6.

    So questions - how big we talk'n.. are we calm by nature.. are we hardy.. any known genetic issues?

  2. Actually they are usually not very big. Stout but not tall. They range from kind of cobby pony build up to full on tank of a draft horse build. Brego is a short little guy, not sure on exact measurements but small enough that I won't be trying to stick my tall hubby on him.

    Temperament, for a long time they were called "Golden retrievers with hooves". Some folks still call them that, but I don't really like that phrase because for people who don't know horses they already think a horse is like a big dog and I don't like to encourage that thinking. It gets people hurt.

    But anyway, of course it depends on the horse but for the most part they are well known for being laid back, mellow, easy going. Very "draft cold blood" by nature.

    They can have issues with their skin under all that feather and there is some high maintenance stuff related to their hairy feet. They are usually easy keepers, and from what I have seen tend to have more of a pony life span than a big horse life span. In other words as long as they don't have some odd health issue pop up like a colic or founder they seem to live quite long useful lives.

    However, if you like the look and temperament but need more size just not full blown draft size like a clyde or a shire you might want to look into Drum Horses. They are a cross between a Gypsy and a Clyde or Shire (I think of the registries also allows friesian in the crosses), you get the feather, the colour, the temperament, a bit more height and they are just STUNNING animals. If I had wanted a horse that was taller that is what I would have gone for. That or a smaller old style percheron. I still have a soft spot for a good stout black Perchie.

  3. What gorgeous Gypsy Horses! How I would love to go to that farm and take pictures for paintings!
    Good luck on your road trip and look me up when you need a pendant:)