Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And Guess Who is Lame.....

... on his right front foot?

*head desk*

I gave him 3/4 gram of bute since we couldn't reach my vet, and it is the only pain meds I had on hand. He has a good appetite, is alert, but obviously limping. He was laying down when I went out to check on him and when he stood up he was all over the place. I kinda lost it and had Tsu run in the house to call the vet. He wasn't able to reach them and was going to try again in a little while but Brego seems a lot steadier on his feet now that he is up. So I'm going to be checking on him every couple of minutes through the night and see if I can get the vet out tomorrow, unless he starts to act like something other than a sore foot is bothering him tonight in which case we will find a vet if we can't reach mine.

My stomach hurts. I'm worried. I'm tired and sore. Hopefully it is just a hoof abscess or something simple. I sure hope the screwy feed schedule this past week didn't make him founder. He doesn't have the kind heat in his feet that Jamie had when he foundered, though. Gah, I'm going to make myself sick worrying now. I seriously think I might barf with worry. I KNEW something wasn't right but there was nothing obvious until after hours, of course!

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