Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Gall Bladder Adventure! Part 3

So then I acquire my room mate.

The first I hear of her is the nurses pulling the curtain between our beds to give her privacy followed by whimpering. As they moved her to her bed the whimpering turned to all out sobbing. They gave her some anti barf meds and pain meds and they seemed to make her 100 times worse as she started to retch and cry. By now I had a ripping "lack of coffee" headache, and my pain and nausea meds were wearing off. Once they had new roomie settled I buzzed a nurse and let her know that my gall bladder didn't feel too bad but my headache was bad that I was going to start hurling any second now. They got me meds and I drifted in and out of sleep to the fitful sounds of my room mate whimpering in pain.

Middle of the night I wake up vomiting. Head won't stop hurting. My roomie seems to have fallen asleep just in time for me to make a racket and wake her, the poor thing. I barf, several times. She whispers across to me, "They aren't in a big hurry are they?"

"Doesn't seem like it." I reply.

"What are you in for?" she asks, breathlessly, panting to catch her breath between words.

"Gall bladder."

"Ugh" she groans. "I had mine out two days ago and I am still getting sicker and sicker."

The nurse comes in and medicates me but even the morphine won't knock out the pain in my head. Several hours later I need to pee. My IV machine had a dead battery from the time I got there that morning. Every time it was unplugged it would scream. Here I am, needing to pee like crazy, my poor room mate is finally resting quietly again and I have to unplug the screech machine in order to drain my bladder. So I unplug it and go pee then call for help again to shut that damn thing up. By now I am more worried about my room mate than I am about myself as they keep trying to give her more meds and the meds keep making her more and more sick.

They never did fix my IV machine. It wasn't until the nurse in the OR saw the battery was dead that it got switched out. But to be fair to our nursing staff, they were swamped with emergency and high demand folks and were running them selves ragged.

Dawn comes and my entourage arrives. Tsu, his dad and a grinning satisfied Tiff with a vampire book tucked under her arm. I am still in so much pain that I just close my eyes and pray for sleep. I drift in and out of some form of wakefulness, mostly a highly medicated daze. The surgeon treating my room mate comes in at one point and she tells them her issues and he just says, "Hm, yes, hm. Uh huh. Hm." then leaves. The nurse comes in to give her more meds and she refuses them. At this point I don't blame her since what the doctor wanted to give her was a double dose of the same crap that made her so sick before.

Her doctor is one of the most highly recommended in the area. I have never ever heard a bad word about him. In fact at first i was a little disappointed that I wasn't having him as my doctor. By now I am thanking my lucky stars I ended up with someone else.

I doze back off, still in massive pain in my head.

Tsu's face hovers over mine, "They are coming to get you, can you walk to a different bed, this is an old one and they need to switch you to a new one."

I don't even remember what I said, just that soon I was laying on the new bed with my eyes clinched shut tight against the light. The rest is mostly a blur. I talk to the anesthesiologist and let him know about the nausea i get after surgery. he said with the gall bladder that usually happens anyway even if it doesn't normally so they will give me something for that before I wake up. I am left in a dark cubby hole for what feels like 2 hours, trembling in fear. Not of the surgery, but of the thought that I may wake up and still have this hideous head ache.

They finally move me into the OR and have me move to the operating table. They ask me how I am doing. I tell them I'd be doing better if they could put me on a coffee drip on the IV. They put a gas mask over my face and the last thing I hear is laughter and comments about the coffee drip IV.

Wow, this story is longer than I thought, lol! I'm feeling well enough to have moved back to the couch from the futon, but I need another rest. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!

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  1. Wow !!! I'm so glad things are getting better at this point. I've been on vacation - girls only - no cell phone - no internet - at Shanty Creek spa and resort up by Traverse City.

    I'll blog about it later. I also have pics of Bonnie and Rosie at their first show. Wow I have pretty horsies