Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diagnosis: He is a dork.

The vet diagnosed him as "Having a major case of being a dork." lol. The little snot would NOT trot on the lead, didn't want to longe, and kept trying to stick his nose in the assistant's pocket looking for mints. He acted just a tiny bit sore on the outside edge of that foot the first time she used the testers but after that he was absolutely sound. She didn't find any heat or swelling or tenderness after that first reaction and his flexion test seemed ok though it was hard to tell because he was moving in slow motion OR just moving sideways instead of going straight. Horses are like kids, they just have to act up when you want them to be good.

Anyway, once we got him to do a decent trot on the longe line (which he does FINE for me, but I can't do it because of the gall bladder, of course) she said he was moving sound and it looked like he probably just had stepped wrong and was ouchy last night. That was when she diagnosed him with a serious case of being a dork. A pretty dork, but a dork. lol. She gave me instructions on what to do if he gets ouchy again which she said was a distinct possibility because we had been messing with him and if it was a stone bruise it could abscess. I have a tube of bute paste just in case.

I told her I almost cancelled but i knew sure as shooting if I did he would be dead lame at midnight tonight ("Or on sunday at 2pm" she said, "They LOVE to drag me off the couch on sundays at 2pm!") and I would be stuck. Better safe than sorry.

So I can take a pain pill, and turn on the tv, and fall asleep to American Justice.... and not worry about the dork.

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