Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Gall Bladder Adventure! Part 1

OK, here is the story!

let's go back to the middle of last week right after I made my last real post. I'd had a short gall bladder flare up the night before that was minor and only lasted about an hour. I blamed that on gas, I think. The within hours of making that post I was having a full fledged attack almost identical to the one I posted about last week after my brother's wedding rehearsal. Around 10pm I told Tsu, "I think this is my cue to go back to the doctor. 3 or 4 a year is one thing, 3 in one WEEK? WHOLE other ball of wax."

It was progressing like a usual attack for the first 4 to 6 hours then the pain changed to my entire abdomen and lower back. One of the signs my doctor said to watch out for was a change in the presentation of the pain. So every hour or so it would let up and then 20 minutes later it would be back full force. By mid-morning I woke Tsu up and said, "I hate to do this on your vacation and when you had plans to go fishing with your dad, but I think we need to go to the hospital."

Tiff was here so i had her call her Oomama and Papa (my ex's folks) and see if she could go over there. She was stumbling over her words trying to explain what was ging on so she handed me the phone and I told Papa that I was going to the ER for this gall bladder attack and could we drop her at their house. Of course they said yes. I love those guys. They are made of awesome.

So I packed up my books and my knitting (hehe) and we dropped Tiff off and Oomama and Papa's on the way. Once we got to the hospital I got all signed in. Talked to the nurse about the issue. She said that the side effects my family experiences are usually called "Dumping Syndrome". The name made me laugh, and laughing made me hurt. We got to the hospital at 10:30am. I finally got a PA in to see me at noon. I finally got pain meds around 2pm just before my ultrasound. They also did bloodwork at that point and saw that my liver enzymes were elevated and my gallstones had apparently been breeding since my last ultrasound because they were almost doubled in size AND number. So I got moved to a room at 3:30pm to await consultation with a doctor about surgery.

SO... as they are wheeling me up to my room I am out of it but I hear what sounds like my MOM talking. *makes weird face* OK, this is odd because no one but my ex inlaws knows what is going on at this point. No wait, my inlaws knew too because Tsu had to cancel fishing but no one knew I was being admitted yet at all. How would they know to come to the hospital? I look back and see my step-dad on a bed being wheeled out of a room as I am being wheeled into the one RIGHT NEXT DOOR! After some laughing and questions we find out that he spent the entire day BEFORE in the emergency room with a KIDNEY stone! They just hadn't had time to call around and fill everyone in on what was going on yet. He was going in to have the kidney stone removed when he saw Tsu walk by his door!

OK, I'm going to take a break from writing because I am tired and sitting here is making me sore, but I will be back later to write more.

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  1. YIKES! So glad you're okay!