Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Gall Bladder Adventure! Part 2

OK, so, where were we? Oh yes, when last we saw our intrepid adventurers they were waving goodbye to Papa who was going into the OR to have his kidney stone removed, lol.

So, Mom went with Step-father while Tsu went in with me and they informed me that i was allowed nothing to eat or drink until after my consult with the doctor. Then if we were hacking this thing out no food or water, just ice chips, until after the surgery. I'd not eaten or had anything to drink since the day before anyway, was thirsty as heck, and was operating on a severe lack of coffee. Colour me crabby, friends.

But by now I was on morphine which was helping. I was also on anti-barf stuff which was helping even more. Before long the doctor came in and we chatted. He filled me in on my options and I discussed my concerns about the side effects. During this time my mom came back in and was there for the consult. He was pretty up front with me about the risk of "dumping syndrome". I also discussed it with nurses and they said most folks who have issues find it is related to just certain food items that they can avoid, but that yes, some folks just have this issue no matter what for the rest of their lives. That said, both of my nurses had their gall bladders removed and neither one of them has ever had any issues afterward, EVER. So with that in mind and everything else rattling around in my head I said, "Let's do this!!!"

*side note, I forgot earlier.... when I was still in the ER my ex inlaws came in because it turned out Papa needed some blood work done anyway. Tiff was with them and needed to get into the house for her stuff since she obviously wouldn't be coming home that night*

OK, so we let everyone know what was up. In laws came up to see how I was doing and Karen brought me a stuffed poodle to keep me company since she knows I do not sleep well without a dog around (hehehe! and I did sleep with it!). Eventually everyone headed home and left me to snooze. Step-dad had made it through his stone removal but they kept him and extra night. I told him he need to change the family name from "Cory" to "Quarry", since we are so good at producing rocks. *groan* I'd waited all day for the chance to use that line.

Anyway, that evening I am laying there resting and the phone rings. It is Papa, the ex father in law. It seems Tiff was getting some attitude. he said she was saying, "That is MY mom and if I want to be there while she has surgery I should be able to be there!!" *big grin* So I talked to her, calmed her down, and had her call Tsu to see about coming up with him the next day.

Shortly after that I gained a room mate.

But the story of my room mate will have to wait for the next installment of the adventure because I need to lay back down for a bit.

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