Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Great Gall Bladder Adventure! Part 4

I wake up in the recovery room to a smiling nurse saying, "All done, honey. How you feeling?"

"Can I have coffee now?"

Laughter comes from somewhere. No head ache.

"I'm not sure, but it shouldn't be too long." I can hear the smile in her voice.

I drift in and out. Somehow I end up back in my room. Still coming out of it. Woozy. Nurse comes in.

"Can I get you something to drink, sweetie? Some water or juice?"

"Coffee, can I get some coffee?" I'm still terrified that my lack-of-coffee headache will return.

"Well, they have you on clear liquids, so let me clear it with the doctor first. If you can what do you want in it?" Everything.

5 minutes later I have a steaming cup of coffee in my hands and a smile on my face.

Step dad had gone home that morning and I vaguely remember them coming in to check on me but I was in so much pain that the details are fuzzy. I ask about the animals, I am worried. Their schedule has been totally screwed up and I just want them to be OK. The horses went from getting 8 hours a day out on grass to getting a half bale of hay, they went from three meals a day to getting pellets before Tsu left and after he got home. The dogs have been in their crates the better part of two days now. They were fine, of course, but still I worried.

Tiff was behaving herself, relieved to see me doing well. I still dozed a bit but for the most part felt good and alert. I don't recall any more anti nausea meds or pain meds being administered but because of the head ache and barfing of the night before i was paranoid. The thought of throwing up with the incisions from my surgery still fresh just made my skin crawl. Especially after hearing the obvious pain of my room mate. I felt bad when I had visitors because I just wanted her to be able to sleep. I learned that her husband was working out of state and she was trying to not call him home. Eventually her daughters showed up to visit and I felt bad for her because other members of her family were trying to stir up drama. Saying her youngest wasn't doing enough. But none of THEM had offered to lift a finger. It was obvious that her youngest daughter was having a very hard time holding it together and it was also obvious she was trying very hard. I wanted to track down her family and punch them for being obnoxious.

I spent the rest of the day until evening relaxing, eating the delicious hospital food (dead serious, our hospital has the BEST food!!) and praying for my roomie. Finally it was getting on toward late evening and our dogs had been locked in crates for 12 hours. The nurses said I was OKed to go home but we couldn't seem to get anyone in to remove my IV and give me the paperwork to escape their clutches. It seemed obvious that I was not going to start barfing any time soon and I was starting to worry about my dogs and horses.

In fact, I was getting so worked up over them being locked up that my blood pressure was going up. But the floor was short staffed and the nurse was trying to take care of two trauma patients and my sick roomie. Every time they tried to come in and get me on my way something else came up. Which was fine with me, honestly. But it didn;t stop me worrying about getting home.

Then they came in to my roomie and tried to get her to accept more meds. She explained, again, that the meds were making her worse. They left to get her meds anyway and she wished me well and I told her I sure hoped she was feeling better soon. They told me they would get me out of there as soon as they were done with her. I told them that was fine. I;d spent so much time worrying about her that I really wanted her to get some care even if it meant my dogs had to spend an extra hour in their crates.

They gave her the anti nausea meds and started to give her a pain med but she kept demanding to know what it was, turned out it was the same thing they had given her earlier that made her so sick. She refused it and they went and got a different pain med. Within seconds of injecting her she was rushing for the bathroom, again, barfing and then dry heaving as she sat collapsed on the bathroom floor. The poor dear had been so sweet to me even as she felt so horrible, and she was SOOO sick. I still wish I could have done anything at all to help her feel better. They got her back into bed and cleaned up, and gave her another injection of a different kind of anti nausea med, then it was time for me to get my IV out and home. Before I left I told her again I wished she would get to feeling better and that I hoped she got to keep the room to herself so she could rest. She called me sweetie and said she hoped I kept recovering really well.

I don't even know her name, but I still worry that she is doing ok. I'm such a goof.

Anyway, I got the chair ride down, got into the car, and away home we went. I still had my little poodle stuffy tucked under my arm. Pulling into the driveway I was all smiles as my ponies whinnied at us and Brego did his standard 'stand with his head way up high and bounce his nose his up in the air as if to say, "Yo! 'Sup?" while he chews even if his mouth is empty'.

And so the adventure kind of ends. Me home, Tsu my slave, pain meds for several days. Lots of sleep. Visitors bringing goodies. Me stumbling out from the very first morning to give Brego his pellets simply because I needed to see my horses. And now, just a few hours away from when the gall attack started last week, I'm feeling pretty close to normal. The incisions itch like a son of a gun, but they are small because it was laproscopic surgery. My insides still feel all bruised, but I haven't had pain meds in 2 days now. I am still absolutely exhausted all the time but aside from that I'm recovering as well as can be expected.

And now I get to start seeing what I can and can not eat and if the Dumping Syndrome will be an issue. Let's hope not.

I have a follow up to get checked and get my stitches out the 22nd. And now I think I need another nap. lol.

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